We are a family enterprise, the second generation of passionated craftsman. Our heritage is unique, we create exclusive collection pieces, lifetime ones. 

Histoires de bêtes

Our workshop is located in the Pyrénées, in the south of France. It all began 30 years ago. Histoires de bêtes is fighting to preserve an exclusive know-how craftsmanship. 

We select the most exquisite material and the best suppliers. Our company is willing to protect craftsman, farmers, all of the know-how we acquired over more than 30 years.

Fur can be ethic, ecologic, and recycled. We work with French welfur certified fur. 

We design collection pieces to last more than a lifetime. 

Histoires de bêtes
Histoires de bêtes


We invented unique technics, the eyes are lamb fur hand stitched, we use the best leather for the details such as the nose. We also selected natural wool for the inside of the bears. Every detail is design to make it unique, a piece of art. From the very beginning, with our partner and friend, french mink farmer Augustin, to the gift box, we are very demanding at every step of the making of our furry friends.

Histoires de bêtes
Histoires de bêtes

Made in France : what it means to us in a very global world. 

Most of the companies, even the luxury brands, entrust their crafting to other countries where margins can be bigger. We say no to this, because our enterprise is also striving to preserve values, for the people we work with, the animals to be treated humanly. It's Made in France, we fight for it. When you buy our collection pieces, you also help us to preserve an ethic way to produce nowadays.


We can dream to new collections. Our studio is passionated by innovation. From the oldest material in human history to the finest and most moderne pieces of art, Histoires de bêtes makes it unique.

Thanks to you!


Histoires de bêtes